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Digitally streamline and manage your recruitment process

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Why move your recruitment process to Sessions?

  • Filter by qualification to find your ideal candidate
  • Share the recruitment decisions with your team
  • Build, manage and share talent pools
  • Communicate with candidates in real time
  • Reduce time spent on reviewing unqualified candidates

How it works

1. Post a job

Post an opportunity to Sessions, seek and contact instructors that meet your criteria or open the position to the platform and allow instructors to indicate their interest.

  • Create public & private job listings
  • Post jobs in under 5 minute with ‘Quick Post’
  • Manage individual jobs and shortlists

2. Search to find the ideal educator for the job

Use Sessions’ search to match the job opportunity with experienced educators using the platform.

  • Filter by qualification, location, field of education & more
  • View the applicants CV online
  • Great for hard to find, or last minute positions

3. Manage shortlists, hire and onboard

Recruit fast! Communicate with educators, check references, and offer jobs within days.

  • Easy to use messaging system
  • Dashboard tracks your progress
  • Make an offer

1. Complete your online CV

Digitising your CV allows you to display your qualifications and experience to recruiters seamlessly and in one central location.

  • Save time completing job applications
  • Input and display qualifications, teaching and industry experience and your ORCH ID
  • Stand out with a profile photo and/or introductory video to accompany your digital CV

2. Search for jobs & express your interest

Sessions’ job board is dedicated to higher education roles. Search for a role or receive invites from hirers to express your interest.

  • New jobs posted daily
  • Direct invitations to roles from higher education providers
  • Express your interest in positions

3. Communicate with hirers online

Messages allow you to converse with hirers in real time. Discuss opportunities further, or confirm position details.

  • Easy to use messaging interface
  • Upload documents directly into messages
  • Discuss opportunity specifics and land teaching roles

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"Sessions connected me to RMIT and started a meaningful and amazingly flexible, new chapter in my life."

Gizelle R.


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